5 Flooring Options for a Custom Elegant Looking Home

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Whether aiming to achieve a custom look or simply replacing the flooring of your home, it’s high time you give up on your usual flooring option. Choosing a whole new flooring material will give your home an updated elegant look.
When you are about to choose the most suitable flooring option, the longevity, maintenance, aesthetics and cost are just a number of thing to consider. You’ll also need to bear in mind that every room of your home may need a different flooring from the others. For instance, rooms that are prone to wet or damp conditions such as bathrooms and kitchen are best suited with tiles while the bedroom and living room may turn out amazing with hardwood flooring.

Let’s delve into 5 of the flooring options you might want to consider for your remodel.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood always gives your home a classy and affluent look that can also hike its resale value. Its natural beauty, warmth and rich character add a classic touch to your home. And when you need to add some sense of elegance to your home, hardwood flooring is the best choice to go for. It also gives you a wide range of selection of wood species, styles, finish and ambiance to choose from. With technological advancements, now there are hardwood flooring options that are below and above grade as well as those that can prevent shrinking and bowing when used in areas that are moisture prone. Despite all these great perks, hardwood flooring is usually costly, and its use is limited to areas that are free from moisture such as living rooms or foyers. Stubborn stains are also hard to clean off a hardwood floor.


If you need a more durable and sturdy flooring option, you’ve got tiles. Tiles are resistant to damage associated with dampness thus suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. One appealing trait about them is that they are available in a wide spectrum of patterns and materials to suit any homeowner’s preference. Cleaning and maintenance of tiles are very simple, and stains come out easily unlike with hardwood.
However, they are consistently cold to the feet and installing heating systems in place can be costly as well. When it comes to repairs, cracks can be really difficult to fix.


Carpets are very cozy and provide a soft and quiet feel on the feet. The best thing with carpets is that there are very many styles, patterns and fabric options to choose. They come in a wide variety of prices, and there is always something to suit every budget and preference. Carpets are entirely noised free. Their installation is very simple and does not need any expert skills.
The downside to them is that they need regular cleaning and attracts stains easily. Carpets can also house allergens such as fur, hairs and pollen grains. They are therefore ideal for low traffic zones such as bedrooms.

Laminate flooring

Laminate is great in that it can resemble tile or wood finish. It has unbeatable durability and often brings the best looks out of a home. Laminate expands all the decoration ideas you might have without compromising quality or increasing your expenditure. Since they are constructed with four layers, a laminate flooring can withstand heavy traffic and thus ideal for busy places in a house. Despite the rough force applied on it, it continues to maintain its attractive look just like when you first installed it.

Stone flooring

If you need a timeless flooring material, the stone is an excellent option. It does not become outdated but instead improves with age. Stone flooring offers a more traditional look but can still work perfectly for a contemporary décor. It can work with a wide range of design schemes as the interior designs change with time. When it comes to choices, stone flooring has a wide range of choices to choose from, including marble, limestone travertine, and quartzite. It is ideal for use in high-traffic zones of the house as well as moisture prone places like kitchen and bathroom.
However, stone flooring has a cold feeling on the feet just like tiles. But this can work well in hot weather or can be overcome by floor heating systems.

A closer look at these five flooring options, you are sure to find a superb choice for every room of your house. Consider prices of each and match it with your budget. Ensure that your choice will give you the durability you need for a particular room use the flooring for.

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