6 Living Room Remodeling Ideas for Summer 2016

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Your living room is a place for family and company to be entertained, and we guess you want a space that is inviting and comfortable. If you’re thinking about a living room makeover, this summer is the perfect time to start building.

Whether you want to open up your space or give your living room a face lift, here are some exciting ideas for remodeling your living room this summer.

  1. Mix and Match
    On trend, today is “Make It Your Own” decoration. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns, incorporate different style elements, and layer them all together. The guiding aesthetic of this design style is: if you love it, use it. In this type of room, you will want a lot of light and comfortable furniture. Make a living room family and friends will want to lounge in.DSC_9779
  2. Bold Living Area
    Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your living room renovation. Use a spectacular centerpiece or replace sitting chairs with two sofas. Choose oversized furniture and bold, inviting colors; use materials in an unexpected way to make your living room into a masterpiece.DSC_4208
  3. Create Open Space
    Open up small or enclosed living rooms to create an open, lively space. Let the light in by replacing external doors with glass and use light to complement the room. Look for unused spaces and think of new ways to use all the floor space in the room. Steve, a general contractor in Orange County, says “there’s always more space in a room than people see, giving them new ways to see their old spaces is part of our job.”DSC_0030
  4. Pick a Theme
    Using a theme to tie your living room together is a good idea. Whether your tastes lean toward island living or a formal gallery space, you can choose a design and furnishings that will impart a sense of place in your living room renovation. Professional contractors in Anaheim and Costa Mesa are seeing more thematic decoration in their renovations projects. Add architectural interest to this type of design by including elements that will enhance the overall effect. Faux fireplaces and coffered ceilings can go a long way in creating the desired effect.DSC_0179
  5. The Relaxed Living Room
    Make your living room a place for people to relax. Consider built-in furniture custom designed for your space. Use overstuffed and comfortable furniture with cool colors to give a sense of relaxation to your space. If you want your company to feel at home in your living room, this design idea is the key to inviting comfort.DSC_0022
  6. Decorate with Memories
    Whatever elements you decide to include in your living room renovation, make sure to keep your keepsakes and photos as a part of your design plan. Designing around your memories will make any style of décor special and uniquely suited your home.11693231_978865038811500_1091075253_n

If you can dream it you can design it, but make sure to consult a general contractor when planning a major renovation. Hiring a good contractor is essential to a successful renovation. Consulting professionals, like the folks at Cornerstone Property Services in Huntington Beach, California, will make sure your vision for your new space will become a reality.

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