7 Considerations To Bear In Mind Before Landscaping

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Sometimes starting a landscaping project may seem overwhelming. You’ve probably heard of terms such as “Analysis and Inventory” among other landscaping jargons. Don’t be worried! All those terms boil down to knowing your area and what you should be working with to achieve your desires.

Analyze these considerations in regards to landscaping, and you’ll be set to achieving those glamorous looks you’ve always dreamed of for your yard.

  1. What will you be using your yard for?

How you use your yard will dictate how everything else is outlined. Decide the purpose of your yard and who will be using it. Will kids be using it? Do you keep pets? Will you be using it for your outdoor entertainment or as a relaxing ground? Remember with strategic planning, you can create suitable spaces for various purposes.

  1. Understand your yard

When planning your yard, think of your topography, regional climate, and the soil type. Depending on the length of time when certain parts of the yard are exposed to the sun, there’s likelihood of microclimates being created. There are four microclimate categories you should bear in mind: deep shade, shade, partial shade and full sun. When choosing plants for your yard, the microclimate of your yard should be a top consideration. Topography and soil type will help with drainage of water to your yard and away from your home.

  1. Think of different themes

Landscaping theme can help bring a purpose out of your yard and dictate your choice of plants and materials. Themes can vary and can include simple things such as employing consistent forms or shapes in your whole yard. Of if you like it complex, you can opt to create an oriental or a relaxation garden. When choosing a theme for your space, consider your home’s architecture so you can match it with your garden. Try complementing the styles and line of the house’s architecture into your yard. Your yard is just an extension of the house, so when they complement each other the more attractive, it will be.

  1. Link your yard space

Think of your yard as a room, if at all you need to get the most out of it. Just like a home always has carefully planned rooms, you should also plan your yard so that different parts of the yard are connected. Think of how people will move from a single spot in your yard to any other area. You should consider creating several openings at strategic places to encourage yard explorations by visitors. Ensure that your yard will be well linked so people can move freely.

  1. Establish the purpose of plants in your yard

Each plant in your space should play a role. Think of the role each plant will play in your yard. Plants can have various roles. They can be a source of fresh fruits, complement the aesthetic appeal, establish a nice shade, create lovely aromas, etc. they can also be used to demarcate your yard and define different boundaries. If you want to maintain your garden view but still have a boundary in place, consider using low plants in such spots.  Planting trees can also help regulate wind, light intensity and sun’s heat.

  1. Choose hydrozones

Once through with selecting various plants to use in your garden, think of the behavior of water on the ground. If there are certain areas that water collects, you should consider grouping plants that need lots of water in such spots. Likewise, if there are certain areas where water drains faster, you should consider using plants that are likely to well in dry zones. This method of planting is usually called planting according to the hydrozones.

  1. Highlight your yard’s important points

If there are certain points of your yard you’d like to highlight, you can do so by planting unique plants, using garden ornaments and distinct structures. Think of including contrasting textures, colors, shapes, and sizes to attract attention and then directing it to where you want.

There you go, seven essential landscaping tips to get you a perfect garden you’ve always desired. We always encourage that you consider working with a landscaping designer when you are ready to start your landscape project for better and exhilarating results.



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