Bathroom Decor to Brighten Up Your Small Bathroom

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With the size of homes getting smaller, having a large bathroom is a luxury. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to sacrifice on the functionality, comfort or the appearance of your bathroom. Designing your small bathroom can have a significant impact on the comfort level of your home, along with its resale value. We have created a list of some useful tips that are sure to brighten up you small bathroom.

  1. Match the Tiles on the Walls and Floor
    You can make your small bathroom appear large by using same tiles on the walls and floor. For instance, natural stone can be an excellent option to add a spa-type appeal to the bathroom while also creating a spacious feeling. All the fixtures can be wall-hung to save some space further. However, if the natural stone is too neutral for you, you can use bright storage, towels, accessories, etc. to add more personality to your bathroom.
  2. Accessorize Smartly
    If you have a limited budget and a complete bathroom makeover isn’t an option, or if you live in a rented apartment, accessories can help you out in a budget-friendly way. Select a particular theme, like monochrome, floral or coastal which are very easy to implement no matter what your budget is. Make sure that every accessory you buy, like mirror, lighting, soft furnishings, and other accessories are all in line with the theme to transform the appearance of your small bathroom.
  3. Increase the Storage 
    Rather than stuffing your colored, attractive towels in large cabinets just showcase them with the help of open shelving. In this way, you’ll be able to add an instant splash of colors to the bathroom while also eliminating the need for large furniture. Some other space-saving ideas include using floating shelves for adding storage, using colorful ladders for storage, adding sink skirts to keep the cleaning products hidden, drilling or stacking wooden crates on wall or ground to creating accessible storage.
  4. Add Wet Room
    The wet room will not only be more functional but will also do an excellent job of adding more value to the property. If you are about to convert a certain space into a bathroom, a wet room could be a better choice. It is an excellent way to make most of the limited space available and when done beautifully, looks stunning too. However, with a wet room, ventilation will be a major consideration as moisture build-up will result in damp problems. So, install a safe and functional extractor fan. You can also think about underfloor heating as it will not take a lot of space and will efficiently dry up the surfaces quickly.
  5. Use Mirrors Effectively 
    Mirrors have the ability to transform the feel and look of any room instantly. As they reflect light, they easily create the impression of the space being larger than it is. Make sure that one mirror is right in front of the area through which the light enters the bathroom. However, an important consideration here is also to check the subjects which will be reflected by the mirror. For instance, a mirror that is installed across the linen closet in the bathroom might not be able to create the desired effect. You can also enhance the visual interest by using etched mirrors.
  6. Adjust the Window to Increase Height
    If the small bathroom features a window, remember that they do not just allow light into the room but also enable you to see outside the bathroom. If you want to increase height, you can add cornices or valances to make the window look adorned. With the help of this, you’ll be able to create an illusion as it will draw the eyes away from the floor of the bathroom. You can make use of coordinated colors and avoid dark and cumbersome materials which will abruptly stop the eyes from wandering.

Use these simple yet highly useful tips when designing a small bathroom and you are sure to brighten it up considerably. Designing a bathroom can be an interestesting task but it is rewarding when it is done correctly.


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