Bathroom Remodeling Dos and Don’ts

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A bathroom remodel can single-handedly increase the value of your home. According to a recent survey of homeowners selling their homes, 72% of bathroom renovation costs can be recouped in the resale value of the home. Bathroom renovations also make a huge impact on the quality of living within your house, and will make a big splash in the overall aesthetic and environment of your home. A bathroom renovation can be a hugely rewarding experience, but it’s a good idea to consult a general contractor to help with design and planning.

Professionals recommend the following tips for dos and dont’s of bathroom renovation.

  1. Don’t skip on the design
    Take your time planning your bathroom renovation. Think carefully about the features and elements you would like in your new bathroom. If you are planning a renovation for your kid’s bathroom consider a double sink and no slip tile, for an ensuite renovation consider a walk-in shower and heated marble floors. Discussing your plans with your general contractor will give you the opportunity to consult a professional and develop a plan with people who have a wealth of experience in renovation planning.DSC_4220
  2. Do Consider Your Fixtures
    The days of the garden tub are numbered, many people just don’t have time for the big bath; also, large tubs require a lot of hot water and will sometimes need additional plumbing and a new hot water heater adding to the cost. Better to consider what you will use on a daily basis and how to make your bathroom suit your life. A luxurious walk-in shower with multiple heads is the latest trend in en suite luxury.DSC_9124_25_26_27_28_29_30
  3. Do Understand Your Own Limitations
    Bathroom remodels can become very complicated. The most important part of a bathroom renovation is the plumbing and ventilation. If you want the bathroom of your dreams it is a good idea to hire the right professionals to help you with the planning and construction. You will rest assured that you will not end up with leaky seals and uneven tile when the professionals do the work.Anaheim_Hills_After_Photos_017
  4. Do Set Up A Budget
    Consulting your general contractor and pricing the fixtures and elements that you want to include in your bathroom renovation will go a long way in getting the project started and finished in a timely manner as well as let you know in advance what you want to spend and what you would like your money to buy. But be sure to include a little padding in your budget to cover unforeseen costs. All renovation projects come with their own little surprises. It’s a good idea to have extra money set aside for incidentals.IShrsrv54bj6qd0000000000
  5. Don’t Bother With Extravagant Upgrades
    Forgo that garden tub for the perfect walk-in shower, or splurge a little more on flooring and fixtures, but don’t splurge on items you won’t use. Think carefully about what you want most from your new bathroom and how best to accomplish a delightful space for your daily life. It’s a good idea to look in magazines and online for ideas, but what is most important is what you need and want from your renovation.DSC_3328

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation it will be worth your investment to talk to a professional contractor like the people at Cornerstone Property Services, there is no replacement for experience in home design and remodeling.

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