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We spend a lot of our lives sleeping and as such an equal amount of time in our bedrooms. So how do we make these spaces ours, how do we keep it relaxing, safe and peaceful for ourselves so that we enjoy the environment? We’re going to take a look at some of the things you’re going to want to work with.

  1. It’s yours!
    Before we even get started this is the most important aspect of the whole remodel of the room. This is personally your room. You’re not serving dinner here for family and friends so make sure that it suits you, and is an extension of you! This is the main thing to keep in mind with all that follows. If it’s a proper extension, you’re going to feel safe, sound, and sleep like a log!DSC_0056
  2. Color to taste
    As with most rooms, use neutral colors, and accent pieces to offset them or do the reverse and accent with neutrals. This is a less traveled area than the rest of your home, and you are the main user here so the world is your oyster in this respect. How you do this also helps you in patterning the rest of the pieces in the room; be it the bed, drapes, sheets/comforters or the small reading nook in the corner.DSC_9068_69_70_71_72_73_74
  3. Let there be light
    When it comes to your blinds, you’ll want something that’s both functional as well as appealing. Work those colors you’ve put into the room already alongside your drapes. The main feeling you want when you’re done is a safe, warm and comfortable area. Lights help shut you in your area, your safe space. While you can have either sheer drapes that mask outside view and let light and air through, or heavy drapes that block out light to keep the room cool during warm months it is up to you.DSC_4063
  4. Personal Space
    Sure the whole room is yours, but having a place to sit and reflect, or read/write that is somewhere other than your bed is a great idea to pull your room together. It can also serve multiple purposes as well, such as a small desk and chair next to your bed, therefore serving as a night-table and personal area be it for study, reading, planning, etc. This enhances the rooms use aside from sleep, again this is your space, and it should be comfortable in all aspects for you.DSC_0082

It’s difficult to explain how you should decorate YOUR room, but if you keep this points in mind, you’ll be feeling right at home in no time!

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