Benefits of Upgrading Your Toilet

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Your toilet is your thrown, and you should feel comfortable with the way that your thrown feels when you sit on it. Upgrading your toilet can not only significantly enhance the appearance of your bathroom, but it can make you feel more satisfied with the way your bathroom feels. There are plenty of ways that you can upgrade your toilet, from completely replacing it to adding accessories, such as seat covers.

Here are some ways that you can upgrade your toilet and enhance the look of your bathroom in the process:

Replace Your Toilet

If you have a toilet that has been sitting there for more than 10 to 15 years, you can reap significant benefits from upgrading your toilet because toilet designs have since been improved in the sense that they now use less water to get the job done. You may not realize it, but the toilet is typically the first thing that people look at when they enter your bathroom.  This is closely followed by the sink and the shower area. When you upgrade your toilet, you may improve the cosmetics of the overall bathroom and can enhance your water bill.

Seat Warmers

Getting a seat warmer is another luxurious feature that most people will not even think of and can help set your bathroom experience apart.  The point is to feel comfortable when you are sitting on your toilet, and what better way than to have a seat warmer cover the cold porcelain in the middle of winter?

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are still gaining popularity on the market, but the transition is inevitable. Being one of the first homeowners to have a smart toilet can offer you major kudos when it comes to visitors, but there are also other upsides to upgrading to a smart toilet. For one, smart toilets have electronic sensors which are used to detect how much water is in the toilet bowl, and how much water is needed to flush efficiently, so they will help you save water in the long run. Not only that, but the sensors also prevent toilet overflows in the case of a plumbing crisis! Another cool feature of smart toilets is that they flush automatically, eliminating the need to touch your toilet after use with dirty hands, and thus cutting down on contamination. 

When looking to upgrade and replace your toilet, you also may want to consider what type of toilet you want to install in your bathroom. Things such as the size of your current toilet are also important, because if you feel that your toilet space is too cramped and that you have to bend awkwardly to access your toilet roll, you may want to consider downsizing.

Still, if you cannot afford a smart toilet, there are other things you can do to improve you toilet, like having it re-caulked (which will help the defeat any color deterioration that may occur after extended use), buying a matching toilet seat cover and rug set, and getting potpourri to place on the tank of  your toilet to improve color accents in the bathroom and improve the scent in your bathroom.

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