How you can stylize small bathrooms.

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small bathroom

A small bathroom can be worse than any other rooms combined. All cramped up and uncomfortable, how can you even begin to enjoy this room of your house? We’ve got a few tips on how you can jazz up that tiny water closet!

Keep it Simple
The main thing to note on making the most out of a small bathroom is to keep it all simple! These facts will focus on that but maximize on delivery. Starting with the colors and patterns; you can have some flashy furnishings if you like, but keep your walls neutral, same with your floor. Too much patterning or bright coloring can make the room feel even smaller, while simple neutral coloring tends to make the room feel less closed in.

Avoid Blocks and use all the space
You’ve already got a small space; there’s no need to take up extra room when you don’t need to. The simplest example of this is your sink. A round or bowl shaped sink can leave you more counter space around it as opposed to a completely square one. If you’ve got a tub, craft recesses into the walls to place towels and products, make shelving for the same purposes and put them on the walls. If you don’t have floor space, see how you can use the walls.

Keep it bright
In small areas, having better access to natural light is a must. You don’t want to block the light with a thick shower curtain. If that is becoming the case; look into an all glass alternative for your shower. The light you gain will make the room brighter.

While not only practical, they also have a knack for enhancing the size of a room; if only by illusion; but it’s an increase all the same. Placing a mirror near your bath will create the illusion that the area is bigger than it is, while it still functions for it intended purpose at the same time.

Maintain your patterns
While we suggest you don’t overdo patterning, we do believe if you start with one, you should keep it going. If you want to tile your bathroom floor and have a walk-in shower; you need to continue with that pattern. If you switch to something different, it will stop the flow and immediately make the room feel cramped, whereas if you keep it the same, it will have flow. This flow will cause the space feel less confined.

Making the most out of a small bathroom is no easy feat to be accomplished; but if you know what you want to have in there; you can easily find a place for it, it just takes a little bit more creativity to make it bigger than it is.

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