The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Tiny Home

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Tiny Home

Many Americans dream of owning their own home. For a lot of people, this dream of owning a home may be to own a large home in an impressive neighborhood. While a home’s size is a matter of preferences, owning the biggest one that you can buy might not be practical for a lot of

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7 Considerations To Bear In Mind Before Landscaping

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Sometimes starting a landscaping project may seem overwhelming. You’ve probably heard of terms such as “Analysis and Inventory” among other landscaping jargons. Don’t be worried! All those terms boil down to knowing your area and what you should be working with to achieve your desires.

  1. What will you be using your yard for?
How you use

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The Magic of Organization for the Living room

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Ahh, the living room! Sanctuary after a long day at work, and a place to sit with the family and spend some time together! Between the movie collection, the kid's toys, and the wide array of magazine subscriptions and newspapers you never get around to reading; it can get pretty cramped in there. Organization for

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Five Bathroom Must-Haves

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Whether we admit it or not, bathrooms are among the rooms we like best in our home. It’s where we spend the first few minutes of our waking hours, and the room we last visit before settling in for the night. Bathrooms offer a safe haven for when we want to be refreshed with a

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The Benefits of Hiring A General Contractor

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Deciding on a home renovation is a major step for homeowners. The prospect of making a lasting improvement to the structure of one’s home is both exciting and daunting. At the top of the list for concerns homeowners face when thinking about a home renovation is the cost. Many home improvement projects begin as DIY

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6 Living Room Remodeling Ideas for Summer 2016

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Your living room is a place for family and company to be entertained, and we guess you want a space that is inviting and comfortable. If you’re thinking about a living room makeover, this summer is the perfect time to start building.

  1. Mix and Match On trend, today is “Make It Your Own” decoration. Don’t be

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8 Upcoming Home Remodeling Trends in 2016

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At Cornerstone Property Services we know it's essential in home design to stay ahead of the trends. California homeowners are now, more than ever, planning home renovation projects to give them the home of their dreams. Home renovation is also a growing business for people taking advantage of the real estate market, flipping houses for

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