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Many people can see the same product and feel different about it based on the various color schemes. Color is one of the most dominating factors when it comes to design. Whether it is the architecture of your home or any product, color is said to account for about 60% of the response to any place or object. While the effects of color are very subtle, color is very significant both psychologically and physically. No matter where we go, the color plays an integral role in the way we respond. So, if you are planning to paint the walls of your living room, you definitely should spend some time on selecting the right color. To help you choose, we have created a list of some handy tips.

  1. Start Small

Rather than picking a random color and immediately painting the living room with it, it is much better to start small. You can experiment with a color in your bathroom, powder room, the area between the rooms or any accent wall. If you are a DIY enthusiast, who is handling the painting project on your own, select an area that is easy to paint, so you get to finish it quickly and decide whether you want to stick to it or change it.

  1. Focus on the Lighting

Lighting has a huge effect on the paint and overall mood of the room. Fluorescent light gives off a sharp blue tone, and the incandescent lights bring out the yellows and warmer tones. So, if a strong color is used on the wall close to a window or even on all the walls, it can be overpowering and bright. However, the same color may be an excellent choice when it is showcased on the accent wall which receives indirect light.

  1. Test the Color Choice

Once you have finally selected a color, you can test it on a large wall or a poster board. Try to think beyond your comfort zone and try a vivid, bright color or soft naturals, like olive green or sky blue as an accent or main color. If you want some more intensity, you can also look for a strong color on the ceiling. If you want to change the appearance of your living room dramatically, tinted ceilings can be an excellent choice.

  1. Add Decorative Finishes

If you have dull, flat walls in the living room you can transform it into something enjoyable with the help of broken colors and powerful visual texture. For instance, you can add a significant amount of depth to the wall with polished metal/mineral finishes. Some of the other popular reflective metals include copper, mica, bronze and two of the most popular antiqued gold and silver.

  1. Use a Color Wheel

You can use a small color wheel as a reference tool so you can better understand what you can intensify and modify for several colors. For instance, green and red, which are actually at the opposite ends of the spectrum, can offer an intense look when they are used together. With the help of a color wheel, you can find many amazing combinations which work beautifully with each other.

  1. Try Monochromatic Schemes

If you want to play with colors, you can create subtle and bold variations in a single color group but with paint finishes that are contrasting. For instance, you can use colors that are closely related or just one color in many different finishes. If you are looking for accent colors, go for something warmer or cooler to complement the main color. If you want to create an ambiance that is quieter, avoid using colors that are bold.

Use these tips when choosing the wall color for your living room and you will surely be able to infuse a breath of fresh air into your room. If you are still concerned with where to begin, contact us today for more information and assistance.

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