Five Backyard Must-Haves

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Summer is the perfect time for hanging out in the backyard and enjoying the warm weather. If you have a big space and are thinking of setting up a backyard where you and your family or friends can hang out, then you will need to set up the essentials – a seating area, maybe a small space for cooking, and a space for activities.

While every family may have their own idea of how they want their backyard to look like based on their favorite activities, these are the basic elements that every backyard must have so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. First of all, your backyard must have an area where you can lounge around and be seated comfortably. A couch or reclining chair, stools or a bench are great ideas for outdoor seating. Since your backyard will most probably be hosting some barbecue parties or summer lunch dates, choose furniture that can accommodate as many people as possible. Ottomans can double as an extra seating, and so do wooden pallets that can be arranged to form a sectional sofa. Since they will be used outdoors where they are exposed to the elements, make sure that you use weather-proof furniture for your backyard or ones that you can easily stash under a shed or in the garage.DSC_1849
  2. Another backyard must have is a barbecue grill. Summer parties are not complete without the hotdogs, barbecue, burgers and steak. Barbecue grills come in many variations, such as electric grillers, charcoal grillers, gas grillers and much more. Choose one that will fit your space and budget perfectly, while ensuring its safety and durability. For small spaces, a small portable griller is the ideal choice. For larger backyards with more than ample space, a barbecue station with a heavy-duty grill can be the better choice.DSC_5716_7_8
  3. For larger backyards, a pool is also an ideal addition to your space. Summer months can be warm and humid, and a dip in cool water would be a welcome respite. If you have the budget for it, a built in pool that’s big enough to accommodate your family and friends would be the ideal option. However, if your backyard space is not enough, or if the budget wouldn’t allow for it, an inflatable or portable pool can give your family the same refreshing experience.DSC_4268
  4. To keep your backyard cool even through the summer months, some trees and plants must be present. A small garden will work wonders on your backyard’s ambiance. Plant some trees for extra shade in the hot months, some flowering plants to add color and beauty to your landscape, and some herbs that will come in handy in the kitchen. Although most prefer to have a solid concrete backyard flooring, potted or hanging plants and a little corner for trees will definitely add charm and comfort to your backyard patio.
  5. Finally, a nice pergola with some flourishing vines will complete your backyard beautifully. This pergola will act as a roof over your head when the sun is directly overhead. Add in a few chairs and a small table underneath to make your pergola a nice nook where you can drink your favorite cocktails, or read a good book.

With all these essentials for a lovely backyard, the summer months may just be the best time of the year for you and your family.

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