Five Bathroom Must-Haves

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Whether we admit it or not, bathrooms are among the rooms we like best in our home. It’s where we spend the first few minutes of our waking hours, and the room we last visit before settling in for the night. Bathrooms offer a safe haven for when we want to be refreshed with a warm shower or a long, luxurious bath. Therefore, it pays to have the basic essentials in our bathroom, so that it continues to be a safe place and not a war zone for us.

Every bathroom has to have at least these five essentials:

  1. Storage space.
    Cabinets, shelves, drawers, and racks are a must in every bathroom. They help keep things organized and neat. Whether you have a large supply of bath towels, hand towels, toiletries and beauty items or not, storage space is always a welcome addition to your bathroom.
  2. Ample lighting.
    Grooming tends to make us take extra time in the bathroom. For this reason, a good source of light is a must have for the bathroom. Natural light is best, but if this is not possible, a nice energy-saving light bulb will also do the trick.DSC_4229
  3. Bath essentials.
    Your toiletries, towels, a shower head and/or a tub are definitely must haves in your bathroom. It’s a practical idea to keep all these things close to each other so that you will not have to go in and out of the shower or bathroom in order to reach for that towel, or shampoo when you need it. Have a soap and shower caddy installed in your shower, and towel racks somewhere you can easily reach for them.DSC_0064
  4. Cleaning items.
    Bathrooms are notorious for being the least hygienic space in your home, when not cleaned on a regular basis. Your toilet bowl cleaners, brushes, detergent, an all-purpose cleaner are all essential items that your bathroom needs to have. Make sure they are stashed in a safe place, inside a cabinet preferably, and are easy to find when the need to clean up arrives. Deodorizers are also important to keep in your bathroom.DSC_0093
  5. Non-slip mats and rugs.
    You’ll never know when accidents can happen, so to be on the safe side, have a non-slip mat on your shower floor and in places that are prone to getting wet. Rugs that are extra absorbent are great for getting your feet dry and avoiding slips, too.IShrsrv54bj6qd0000000000

With these essential items in your bathroom, you’re well on your way to having a decent, functional and safe bathroom of your own.

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