Five Living Room Design Tricks to Try for Your Home

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It doesn’t matter if you have just moved recently or have been living in the home for quite some time and need a quick redesign, there are useful design tricks for the living room used by professional designers to instantly transform the appearance and functionality of the room. There are times when the smallest of things make the biggest of impacts. In your living room, it can be as simple as adding a painting, lamp, or a mirror. You might be looking for a way to add more colors to your room or just soften it up a little, no matter what you are aiming for, the five tips mentioned below are sure to help you out.

  1. Use lighter, softer colors if you have a small living room

Smaller living rooms can quickly look cramped if they are not designed smartly. One of the best tips to make a living room look bigger is to paint the walls with lighter colors. We recommend having a large window and using multiple mirrors to let the natural light come in and reflect all over the room. This will create an illusion of your room being bigger than it is. On the other hand, if you use darker colors, they will make the room appear smaller. Even if you have a large window and multiple mirrors, it may still look boxed-up.

  1. Mix things up

Skilled professionals will always tell you that the room should be able to reflect your style and personality. If you have an older desk which belonged to your grandfather, you may be emotionally attached to this old memory of your grandfather. We encourage you to focus on including this item in your design.

If you recently picked a modern couch, it may also tell a story about you, a contemporary story. The past and present can beautifully coexist. Be it the furniture, pillows or rugs, just try to mix and match things to create something as unique as you are.

  1. Hide the television

A large LED right in front of the living room can affect the luxurious aura of the space. If you have a limited budget and large mirrors which can conceal the television are not your thing, you can at least try to visually reduce its presence by creating a salon-style arrangement of art or a gallery wall.

While this won’t completely hide the television, it will do an excellent job of blending with the frame of the television to significantly reduce the presence of the television in your living room. Dark wall pieces also do an excellent job of taking the attention away from the television. If you can find some wall pieces which attract you, you can try them as well.

  1. Select the right colors

One of the most important considerations when designing your living room is its color. Not only does the color impact the feeling of the scale of the space it also has a significant impact on how you feel in a room. For instance, lighter colors will make you feel relaxed while brighter colors will make you feel energetic.

One of the best combinations for a living room is that of white and blue. This combination does an excellent job of making the room look cool, collected and calm, making it perfect for social gatherings. You can also add a tan carpet to balance the tones and warm the room. Match the furniture with the color of the walls to further enhance the appearance of the living room.

  1. Architectural trim work

While the trim work does serve the practical purpose of covering seams where ceilings and floors meet the walls and offering support to the structure close to the openings, they can also help in enhancing the appearance of the room. You can select from an extensive range of trim work style to add a distinctive character to the room. No matter what kind of character you are looking for, there are several options, like traditional, regional, contemporary, old-world, etc. to suit the mood of the room. Just make sure that the trim work is not too heavy and doesn’t shift the focus of the people away from the ceiling and walls.

Use these design tricks for your living room, and you’ll be able to transform its appearance in simple and highly effective ways. Give us a call today at 714.848.1702 for more information on how to improve your space

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