Five Things to Consider When Decorating a Bathroom

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Whether you are remodeling your old bathroom or building a new one, bathroom projects are definitely one of the most exciting parts of decorating your home. Your bathroom is a personal space where you can let your creativity run wild. However, when it comes to the bathroom, function should precede form. It is important that each fixture and area is functional and practical. Therefore, a good bathroom design is all about how the space works more than how it looks.

There are five main things to consider when decorating your bathroom, and each one is important to creating the bathroom that works and looks well.

  1. Budget
    Like with any part of your home, planning begins with setting a budget. A budget will keep you on track with your bathroom decoration project, helping you decide on what to spend on labor, tiles, fixtures, and other essential items. Having a budget will ensure that you do not go overboard in your project and that you will stick to your original plan.
  2. Measurements
    Knowing the overall size of your bathroom area will help you decide on what type of fixtures and décor to purchase. If you have a big bathroom, having his and hers sinks will make a great addition, but if you don’t, that extra sink you purchase will just go to waste. Having the proper measurements also includes the plumbing and electrical wirings. This should guide you in choosing the correct dimension of bathroom fixtures and other installations such as cabinets and shelves.Lower Grant A bathroom1
  3. Design and Function
    When deciding on your bathroom design, always think of its functionality. For example, when deciding whether to go for a tub or shower or both, consider, who is going to use it? Will it be easily accessible to them? Will the kids (if any) be able to reach the shower control or enter the tub easily? For the counter and sink, is the height accessible to a child and an adult alike? These are all the things that should be considered when choosing a particular style or design for the tubs, shower, vanities, faucets, etc.11653224_978865065478164_364340918_n
  4. Ventilation
    A bathroom should have access to proper ventilation. A poorly ventilated bathroom is a damp bathroom, which can lead to molds which may cause a health hazard. Moreover, the wood in your cabinets, doors, trimmings and fixtures can easily decay when constantly exposed to damp. If windows are not enough to properly ventilate your bathroom, consider having exhaust fans installed to suck out the damp air and allow for proper air flow.DSC_0052
  5. Contractor
    A bathroom project is not a simple job, what with all the tiling, wiring, and plumbing needs that should be done. When it comes to these, it is always safer to hire a contractor who will take care of the delicate jobs for you. Never take chances with building your own bathroom, unless, of course, you are a builder yourself.DSC_4225

If you have taken care of these five items, then you are more than ready to start your bathroom decoration project.

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