Five Ways to Update a Home on a Budget

Update Your Home on a Budget
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Update Your Home on a Budget

Updating your home can be an investment depending on how much work you would like to be done. However, if you are looking for smart, efficient updates, that can enhance the function and look of your home, these five tips mentioned below are sure to help update your home on a budget.

  1. Create More Open Space

Having open space can make your home look more appealing. Shocking enough you may not have to tear down walls to achieve this. It can be as simple as just replacing the bulkier furnishing with something lighter or just rearranging them from one place to another to check which arrangement provides a more open feeling. If you don’t want to get rid of a particular large furniture piece paint it with an off-white color and it can help create an illusion that it does not take up as much space as it does. Mirrors also assist with these types of illusions. Place them opposite to the windows so that the light from the window directly falls on the mirror. This will make your room appear larger and brighter.

  1. Replace the lighting

Rooms that are not lit properly look small, cramped and dark, whereas rooms that are lit brightly look welcoming and airy. There are many ways to brighten the room with lights, and some of them are as simple as buying floor lamps or table lamps for the home. You can strategically place one or two tall floor lamps at corners that are dark to transform the appearance of the room significantly.

  1. Replace the door handles throughout the space

Worn, old knobs are one of the most common reasons spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms may look outdated. One of the simplest of ways to update your kitchen or bathroom without spending a lot of money is to replace them. The process is very easy, and you have many different options to choose from.

  1. Landscaping the yard

Landscaping can be a very simple update when done correctly. Many of us only plant a couple of trees and think that the yard is ready to be completed. On the other hand, it is important to know that the landscaping design has a significant impact on the curb appeal. Some of us struggle when it comes to gardening, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a few raised garden beds or plant a few more flowering shrubs and trees. You can visit a local store like Home Depot, and the staff should provide you with useful knowledge about the life of local plants. Ask them about the plants which do not require a lot of maintenance and can easily thrive in your area.

  1. Updating the windows

Another thing which tends to be overlooked is the windows. It’s hard for people to pick a style that will match with the room. As a result, they leave windows bare or just install blinds for some privacy. But dressing your windows is one of the simplest ways to update your home. We highly recommend taking the time to look into what type of window dressings that will fit the room and the mood you want for the space.

At Cornerstone Property Services we strive to not only provide beautifully designed remodels but also to assist you with your DIY needs. If you have any questions regarding some of our projects, we will gladly answer them. Consider some of the above points when you want to do a quick update of your home.

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