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Are you looking to scare the neighbors and the kids this year with your Halloween Décor? Sure there are tons of expensive novelty shops out there that can set you up, but you want to do this your way, in your home; and I guess you don’t want to break the bank. Well; you’re in luck because we’ve got a few ideas for you that are sure to have the kids howling for the door! The old’ abandoned house routine If you’re going to have guests into your home; give them the sense that you’ve been gone a long time! You can amp up any room in your house with this easy trick. It’s a simple haunted/abandoned house feel, and you don’t have to change your house around at all! In fact, it’s even creepier if you don’t! Just place some white sheets over the furniture, then some cheesecloth ‘cobwebs’ to taste. Spread the ‘webs’ around to give the ambiance you’re going for!

I don’t feel right about eating here

Creep out your dinner guests with a ghostly spread! With the lights already out, you’re going to need some mood lighting. Create mystical sets of ‘floating’ candles simply by painting paper towel rolls white, then hang them from the ceiling with fishing line, next place some simple LED lights on the tops and voila! The centerpiece made up of ‘mold’ hued fruit will seal the deal and bring a horrific air to a once happy and joyful room!

A Monster Mash

Spice up your backyard party with the same floating candles above, then litter the yard with homemade tombstones! Some old packing boxes, gray paint and you’re in the grave-digging business! Don’t forget to leave one ‘grave’ uncovered, however! With a bit more paint you can easily make a cooler look like a half-buried coffin, and once you line it with a garbage bag to give it that interior coffin look; you’ve got a freakishly clever cooler to store drinks in!

I feel like I’m being watched…

A great addition to any room of the house, or any side of the yard! Grab up some paper towel or toilet paper rolls, then cut menacing looking eye shapes out of them. Tape or glue a glow stick of your chosen color on the inside, then hide the tubes in out of the way places. The trick or treaters won’t be able to sit still long since they’ll shortly realize… they’re surrounded!

Halloween is a fun holiday for the young and the old alike, with these few tips you can certainly up your spook factor this year. Hopefully, you won’t scare too many of them away for good, though, because I’m sure once you try these out, you’ll have plenty of ideas of your own for next year!



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