Kitchen Lighting Tips and Tricks

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Plenty of homes these days use the kitchen more often than the rest of the house. It serves not only its usual job of cooking and preparing meals absolutely, but now it also serves as a dining room, meeting place and often where we chose to go over our bills! Having average lighting isn’t enough anymore. We’re going to give you some simple hints on how to up your Kitchen lighting game, all without breaking your bank on a massive renovation!Kitchen Lighting

  1. Track Lighting – Sounds simple, right? Well there’s a reason for that, those simple overhead fixtures do well for routine cleaning and getting around the room, but once you get to actual work like cooking, dishes, prep, you may start to struggle with the lighting. With track lighting, however, there are many different arrangements to choose from to fit the layout of your kitchen, ensuring you have proper light from any angle you need it. They’re also easily adjusted whenever you need them to be.
  2. Under-cabinet Lighting – While Track Lighting is very versatile to your needs, under-cabinet lighting functions wonderfully by giving you the light exactly where you need it, in those hard to reach places. It also adds an aesthetic touch to the room as well. Primarily, however, it’s going to light up your prep areas, which is certainly a great safety benefit when the knives come out of the drawer. There are plenty of options as well when it comes to fluorescence, halogen or incandescence. Pick which style works with your layout and makes sure to fasten them on the outermost part of the cabinet for full lighting, and not just the wall.
  3. Put in Recessed lighting, or upgrade it – Simple recessed lighting can do the world of good at brightening up your kitchen spaces, much the same way as track lighting. Most of those ‘cans’ can be fitted with different trims which will cast the light different and towards the areas you find yourself needing more light. These trims are relatively inexpensive and only take minutes to change them out. This is a very low-cost solution to your kitchen lighting, and certainly worth taking a look at.
  4. Dimmer Switches – It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but when it comes down to it, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. All of your light points where it needs to. You’ve got enough light when you want it, but what about when you don’t? Dimmer Switches can help you when you don’t plan on preparing or cooking but want to enjoy the room itself, sit quietly and go over your bills, or even have a relaxing meal. Dimmer switches are an excellent way to control the ambiance of your room.

These are only a few ways to change up your kitchen lighting to suit your style. Never underestimate the difference a change in bulbs can bring. You may be surprised at just how different your room will look with different bulbs! You know your kitchen, and you know what you want, now you have some new ideas on how to remodel your kitchen to brighten up your day!

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