The Magic of Organization for the Living room

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Ahh, the living room! Sanctuary after a long day at work, and a place to sit with the family and spend some time together! Between the movie collection, the kid’s toys, and the wide array of magazine subscriptions and newspapers you never get around to reading; it can get pretty cramped in there. Organization for the Living room is a must for your family home!

Organization for the Living room

Here are some tips to get your living room back under control!

Zones of Control
Ever stepped on a Lego? It’s the worst feeling imaginable trust me, second only to not being able to find the remote. The toys seem to spread out and take over everything all the time, but aside from getting rid of them, you need a solution. Place a ‘play area’ in one of the corners, this quite simply allows it to be kept from exploding all over the room, and with the addition of some bins for those toys to go into; it is going to reinforce the idea of cleaning up when they’re done with them.
The same applies to your magazines and other such materials cluttering up your coffee table. Get another bin or similar container that works with your décor, place it next or near the couch or related area and store your reading material there; with a little practice it won’t keep ending up on the coffee table, and it’ll be where you look for it when you need it!

Use the walls
Don’t limit your displays to just end tables and mantels, use your walls! It can end up making your room more vibrant and open at the same time! A wall affixed lamp can be turned and angled depending on its use, and the photos catch the eye when hung on walls, rather than getting lost in the background of tables and mantelpieces.

Don’t Waste Space
Bookshelves, if they are not completely stacked with books are great places to store AND display your movie collection. If you don’t have your couch immediately against a wall, a little shelve or bookcase can easily be put behind there. This new placement could even be a good area to put a lamp if you’ve been trying to figure out where to put one as well; maximizing your space usage as well as efficiency in one go!
In most cases it all depends on the size of the room you are working with; if it’s a small room; you should be controlling your zones, as well as maximizing your space usage. The same goes in the larger room; you just simply have to designate those zones of control.

With a bit of practice and habit; you’re living room will be easily accessible, and still just as active as it’s always been!

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