Preparing for a Family-Safe Remodel

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A home remodeling or renovation project is always a messy time in your family’s life. Not only will it disrupt your family’s routine and dynamics, but it will also cause a lot of stress from missed meals, misplaced objects, and the sight of chaos all over. It can also pose several health risks and safety issues if proper preparation is not done. In most cases, it is advised for a family to find another place to occupy while the remodeling is ongoing. However, due to budget constraints, some will opt to stay until the project is finished. What they don’t know is, staying while remodeling is in progress can be more expensive. Contractors can charge you more due to considerations additional cleanup costs.

If you ever decide to stay while your home remodeling project is ongoing, here are some tips to help you keep your family safe and avoid possible injuries or accidents on the job site.

  1. ISl6ng0pqgq3pd0000000000Keep away from dust, as much as possible. Remodeling is a dirty job, and although every effort will be made by your contractor to control dust, there will always be dust. If work is ongoing downstairs, keep your family on the upper floor, and keep all doors closed as much as possible. This will help to contain the dust in the particular section where work is being done.Anaheim (9)
  2. Designate a space for your family and the workers. Keep your family’s safety and privacy by designating a place where the workers can park, enter and exit your house, where they can eat, keep their tools and equipment, and which restroom they can use. Creating these boundaries will ensure that your family is safe while the work is going on.DSC_0060
  3. If the project involves a kitchen remodel, prepare beforehand by setting up a temporary kitchen where you can prepare and cook your meals. Any work being done on your kitchen makes it unsafe to cook your meals there, as it may get contaminated with dust or any chemicals being used in the remodeling, plus using your gas or electric stove while work is being done may be hazardous. A temporary kitchen will be your best bet. If this is not possible, prepare by cooking freezer meals that can be heated quickly. Another option is to go out for meals or ordering food for delivery, both of which may be costly in the long run.Anaheim_Hills_After_Photos_034
  4. Keep your home well ventilated. There will be a lot of dust, fumes and other materials that can trigger colds, allergies, and other illnesses. Make sure you air your rooms regularly by opening windows and doors so that these unwanted particles are flushed out and kept away from family members.

A home remodeling project is always an exciting and stressful phase. There will always be problems along the way, but keep in mind that your family’s health and safety are your primary concern. If these are compromised, make no delays in resolving these issues so that you may continue to enjoy a newly remodeled home with your entire family’s health still intact.

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