The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Tiny Home

Tiny Home
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Tiny Home

Many Americans dream of owning their own home. For a lot of people, this dream of owning a home may be to own a large home in an impressive neighborhood. While a home’s size is a matter of preferences, owning the biggest one that you can buy might not be practical for a lot of people.

Tiny homes are currently in trend and for all the right reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a tiny home.


  • Lower payments for the mortgage- Most of us can turn this dream of owning a home into a reality through a smaller mortgage. With a smaller home, the mortgage payments will be lower. This will allow you to repay the mortgage quickly as compared to if you have purchased a bigger home.
  • Reduced maintenance- While beautiful, big homes look very attractive on the internet and in magazines, what the pictures and videos fail to show is the actual maintenance cost that such homes require. If you have a small home, you can take care of the majority of the maintenance work on your own without the of assistance.
  • Easy to clean- If you have an 800 square feet home, at the most you’ll be required to spend 15-20 minutes for the daily cleaning. On the other hand, if you have a large 3,000 square feet home, cleaning can tend to take 1-3 hours. If you are someone who cleans the house on a daily basis, a tiny house can save you a lot of time.
  • Environment-friendly- If you have a tiny home, it’ll be much easier for you to keep your energy consumption at a minimum. From air conditioners to heaters, you will not be required to invest in appliances designed for larger areas, and that would have been very This will help in significantly saving on your electricity bills. And apart from money, you’ll also be saving the environment.
  • Lets you live a simple life- Since you’ll have less space, you will have to consider only those important things that you need. If you buy a big house, you have more space to end up buying things that you don’t need. With a tiny home, you can live a simple life while also enjoying the things that you love.


  • Clutter is more evident- When you have a tiny home, the clutter would be a lot more evident as compared to a bigger home. As a result, you’ll be required to focus on organization and de-cluttering more often compared to a large home.
  • Privacy- A tiny home can be a problem for a family with more than 3-4 members. Privacy wouldn’t be that easy to find as you’ll always have people around you. However, this issue can be effectively tackled if the home is efficiently designed with an organized floorplan.
  • Having Guests over may be a struggle – One thing that can be very difficult with a tiny home is that you won’t be able to call a lot of guests to your home. The house will very quickly get crowded, and you’ll be required to limit your guest list.

While there is no denying the fact that there are both advantages and disadvantages of having a tiny home, most of the disadvantages can be resolved with adjustments. We at Cornerstone Property Services have served multiple clients throughout the years for all their remodeling needs, even for tiny homes! If you think you would like to make, the investment of purchasing and remodeling a tiny home give us a call today!


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