Things That Should Be Replaced in Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is probably the most used and abused part of your home. It’s where meals are prepared and cooked, and where the aftermath of every meal is dealt with – the dirty dishes, pots, and pans. The kitchen floor in itself is probably the dirtiest floor in the house, catching all the drippings from meat, cooked food, spilled food and dirt from outside brought in by the family members. It’s no wonder then that the kitchen should show signs of wear and tear earlier than other parts of your home. In order to keep your family safe from accidents and injuries, several items in your kitchen should be replaced on a regular basis, or once they show signs of wear and tear.

Here are some Kitchen items that should be replaced:

  1. Your gas stove hose and regulator.
    Stoves running on propane gas have a hose and regulator attached to the gas tank. These should be checked periodically for cracks, which may cause gas leaks that can cause fires. These should also be replaced every five years since they can get brittle over time.Excelsior, Norwalk Kitchen
  2. Cleaning materials.
    Yes, your cleaning materials get dirty and need to be replaced, too. For those who do handwashing of their dishes, the kitchen sponge can be a host to germs and bacteria that cause sickness and disease. Sanitize this by popping it in your microwave and heating for a full minute, or soaking it with boiling water every day. It’s also advisable to replace them every two weeks, to avoid spreading germs to your dishes every time you wash them. Other cleaning materials like brushes and dishcloths should also be washed and replaced regularly to avoid breeding germs.Samar 2, Costa Mesa Kitchen
  3. Broken cabinet doors, shelves, storage spaces.
    These are commonly made of wood and with constant use and handling, are prone to damages such as broken handles and hinges, misaligned doors, cracks and moisture. Keep your family safe from injuries brought about by these broken items and have them repaired the soonest possible time. However, for kitchen cabinets that have been exposed to moisture, it is best to have them replaced than repaired.CPS La Mirada Kitchen
  4. Kitchen countertops.
    Just like your cabinets, your countertops, when already damaged with cracks, pitted areas, or have scorch marks – are already ripe for replacement. Not only do they become an eyesore in your kitchen, they also pose safety risks to members of your family. Once they are beyond repair or are already out of sync with your kitchen design, then it’s time to replace them.West, Anaheim Kitchen
  5. Faulty stoves/ovens.
    These kitchen equipment pose the greatest safety risk once they are no longer in prime working condition. We do not wish to put our family’s lives in danger by continuing to use faulty stoves and ovens that can cause fires without notice.
    While kitchen equipment and fixtures are definitely not cheap, your family’s safety should come first. Know when it’s time to have them repaired, and know when to let them go and find a better replacement.Bailey 2, Anaheim Kitchen
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