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Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want to spruce things up a bit, we’ve got five great and simple ways to improve your front porch, and make your home shine! This is going to involve some cleaning, some painting, a bit of yard work, and maybe a few cosmetic changes, but it won’t break the bank, so you can rest easy!

Time to clean things up

The first thing you’re going to want to do is pressure wash. Over the years dirt and grime have built up everywhere, and a simple wash just isn’t going to cut it. Get a pressure washer and clean everything in sight, your front door, the porch itself, the walkway up to the porch, trim and eaves of any windows nearby as well. Everything you can wash without damaging it, you’re going to want to get cleaned to a sparkle again.excelsior

Best face forward

The front door is something everyone is going to come through or at least come up to. So you’re going to want to give it a new coat of paint. Something neutral, or in keeping with the houses’ current colors, but don’t just stop at the door itself, touch up the trim too. Getting a new welcome mat is also a great idea and a nice touch.Costa Mesa (5)


It’s not enough to just deep clean everything on the porch. Plants are always an excellent way to liven things up, and if you work on different levels, it can make it quite visually appealing as well. If you’ve got a small porch, maybe creating a vertical garden would work best as you hang planters along one side and out of the way. If you’ve got windows on your porch, flower boxes are also another simple and brightening change you can apply.oakcrest

Sit down and stay awhile

If you’ve got an overhang on your porch, a bench swing might be just the thing to give your porch that feeling of home and relaxation, it also gives you a place to sit and take in your freshened up porch. If you don’t like that idea, the right chair and table can do the same thing with less work. Huntington Beach (2)

These few simple steps can easily be accomplished in a day or two and because of them; you’ll see a difference in how you view your home. You’ll have turned the same old space into something vibrant and new again, and you didn’t need to go into debt to do it either!

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