Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

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Your home represents a huge part of you. When you showcase your house to your friends and family how do you feel? If you do not feel a sense of pride when it comes to your home, then it may be time to improve your curb appeal. We believe that a large part of being proud of your home resolves around the inside being organized and welcoming. We also strive to improve the exterior, so the first impression of the home is just as inviting as the interior. Improving your curb appeal can be easy and affordable. Check out these suggestions to brighten up your home exterior!

Add Welcoming Furniture

One way to add curb appeal is by adding welcoming furniture to the outside of your home porch. When you are picking out furniture, make sure that you are choosing pieces that are weather resistant so that they will not deteriorate if you live in an area that experiences frequent rain or high humidity. It is also important to make sure that you maintain your furniture by cleaning is frequently and by covering your furniture in harsh weather conditions. This will also prevent you from having to purchase new furniture frequently.

Install Outdoor Lighting

 Adding outdoor lighting to the front of your place can work wonders. One of the best ways to add lighting to your front yard is by illuminating your walkway with lawn lights that you stick into the grass or those that are built into the walkway itself. Another, elegant way to add lighting to your place is by installing a water fountain or other similar fixture that is accentuated by a built-in light. These pieces look good during the day and add real curb appeal at night when lit. Another consideration to make when choosing your outdoor lighting is striking a balance between brightness levels and warmth when it comes to what types of bulbs you use: you may want to avoid fluorescent white lights that add no color to your yard and instead, use yellow lights that will add a warm aura to the yard.

Buy Some Flowers

 Adding floral accents to your home can work wonders when it comes to adding curb appeal to the outside of your house. Including colorful flowers with nice purples, yellows and reds are a positive, but equally as important as picking the right array of flowers is making sure that you properly take care of them. If you are a person that is not home often, or that is very forgetful, just do some homework and find out which types of flowers require minimal maintenance. Adding fixtures such as a flower box that hangs from your front window is a nice touch, but you can also buy a plant bed. Depending on how artsy you want to get, getting a plain plant bed also gives you the opportunity to put your painting skills to work and add some extra appeal to the wood box.

Throw Away the Junk

 We have all been there: we have all bought things that we thought would look good on the front lawn, stuck it there, and then never maintained it, or removed it after it rusted or fell apart. But keeping junk on your front porch or lawn is a huge detriment to the appearance of your home. Keep your ashtrays clear, do not leave dishes on any outdoor fixtures, and if you have adornments out that have rusted or that have fallen apart, do not hesitate to throw it away and replace it.

Window Shutters

 Visit your local Home Depot or Lowes and see what kind of window fixtures they sell, you might find something that matches the color scheme of your home, and that would look amazing with the style of your house. Window shutters and window accents can add a lot of character to your house and set your home apart from the others in the neighborhood. However, your window shutters should not be the main focus. Make sure that the color and style of your window shutters do not overpower the rest of the house.

If you want to add curb appeal to your home and turn the heads of people who walk by, we recommend making these simple but effective suggestions. If you want to expand your home’s curb appeal contact us today, we would love to work on your project!

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